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Credit Reports, FICO® Scores* and Daily Monitoring With Experian Credit Tracker you get all 3 Bureaus.

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*Credit score calculated based on FICO Score 8 model. Your lender or insurer may use a different FICO Score than FICO Score 8, or another type of credit score altogether. Learn More.

Why Monitor My Credit

In the first 90 days members* receive an average of:

6 Credit Monitoring Alerts
4 Credit Score Tracker Alerts
5 Tradeline Alerts**

* Study based on first 90 days monitoring activity of 1,256 members that signed up on 11/1/2009.

** New account opened, or update to outstanding balance status.

Your FICO® Scores Matter

Good Score

Pay Bills On Time
Low Credit Card Balances
Age of Accounts

Poor Score

Late or Missed Payments
Too Many Credit Requests

Included With Your FICO® Scores

Automatic email alerts for changes to your FICO® Scores.
Look for inaccuracies that could be hurting your FICO® Scores.
Dedicated Fraud Resolution Support.